Sunday, September 28, 2008

Part of the Week-End Never Dies

All of us here at FS were lucky enough to see the new Soulwax documentary last night. All I have to say is if you have the money to pay for this, or know someone who has it get on that shit now. It's got some unbelievable live footage, and interviews from some of the best and most influential people in the electronic music world today. You should be able to enjoy this if you're a fan of electronic music, strobe lights, or just a really fucking good time. I do have to warn you though this film will make you want to go DJ an entire stadium full of people or if you're not a DJ you'll just begin to crave a crazy concert to go to. Anyway, just thought you guys should know that this film will rock your socks off, and I'm always looking for a good excuse to post some Soulwax stuff. So here you go. Just  a few of the many songs that have made Soulwax so loved.

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