Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Here!

Certainly the most anticipated remix of the year so far is finally here. Now you can finally stop crying yourself to sleep every night knowing your life will be so much better once that new Soulwax remix is finally out! It really is a great remix, and easily one of the top MGMT remixes to date, but I don't know if all the madness that went on in preparation for it was quite worth it. Don't take that as me saying this isn't good. It is and you're going to enjoy it just like you enjoyed Soulwax's Phantom remix and their Gravity's Rainbow remix and all the other awesome stuff they've done. They really know how to do a remix right, and i've yet to find myself dissapointed with them. Enjoy this little slice of happiness from us to you. We also want to thank LA Friendly. They run a great blog over there. They get tons of great exclusives before anybody else, and you'll notice at least a few songs on here over there most of which they get credit for having first. Just thought we'd give a shout to them, and let them know we appreciate them helping us help you find great music.

And I don't think we ever actually got around to posting this so a little bonus (even though it's considered old at this point) in case you somehow missed it...

One response to “It's Here!”

Anonymous said...

its not the full mix.. i heard thats still a rip... :S