Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It's already had some remixes but none quite like this. I just came across a good final version of the L.A. Riots remix of Crimewave, and it shouldn't be a shock to any of you that I love it. If you ever saw that L.A. Riots were remixing Crimewave and imagined what it was going to sound like, you were probably exactly right. It's very traditional L.A. Riots. They do similar things with most of their remixes, but it's such a good sound so why not. The thing I love most about their remixes is that they really make it sound so simple. Like of course you do this, this, and this, and of course it sounds amazing. DUH. But anyway they just amaze me in that way. So I have that here for you as well as my other favorite remixes of Crimewave. Hope you like 'em.


P.S. Radiohead's new remix contest is on. This time it's for reckoner. You can find all the parts on iTunes once again. Get working guys.

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