Monday, March 9, 2009

Underrated Track Of The Day

I was thinking today about all the tracks I love so much that seem to be loved by so few others. Tracks that didn't get nearly enough attention, despite their greatness. So I decided to make a new little section here at Fancy Sounds: the Underrated Track of they Day. I won't post one everyday, but I will whenever I notice one of these tracks.

The first one I thought of is a Bloody Beetroots remix from a few months ago that they did with Cécile. I haven't been to big on the Beetroots lately, but this one was something special. They took their usual sounds, and applied them to a slower and less intense effort. It's a pretty beautiful track.

2 Responses to “Underrated Track Of The Day”

mk said...

why not use a direct download site? like iron dj

Bastille said...

I ended my last set with this song, it's a great ending song.