Thursday, December 24, 2009

Best Of The Year

Rather than dwell on how sorry I am that we've abandoned our beloved blog for so long, I am going to attribute that abandonment to what is best called a shift in interests, and move on. We thought that the perfect way to get back in the game was to come back with a bang, a.k.a. a nice big end of the year, best of post. Unfortunately we didn't give ourselves too much time to make this idea a reality, so we don't have anything written about the music, but we would hope that our choices speak for themselves.

To start things off...


Best Producers of '09
1. Siriusmo
2. Noob
3. Classixx
4. Boys Noize
5. Joy Orbison
6. Strip Steve
7. Fake Blood
8. Proxy
9. Brodinski
10. Rusko