Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Les Gillettes

Les Gillettes is a fresh new Finnish act signed to Huoratron's New Judas label. They debuted their first release at the end of 2009 titled "Pompeii." It featured remixes from Obi Blanche and Mikix the Cat. We were all familiar with the Obi Blanche from the support it got from big name djs like Erol Alkan. Les Gillettes is back with a reissue of "Pompeii" on French label Kitsune. This new release features fresh remixes from Boy 8 Bit, Jokers of the Scene, and The Aston Shuffle. I must say all these new remixes are great. Enjoy!

Les Gillettes - Pompeii (ALT)

Les Gillettes - Pompeii (Jokers Of The Scene Remix) (ALT)

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