Thursday, April 30, 2009

EveryMau5 In The Place

Deadmau5 is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. He lays right on the border of cheesy electronic music, and "hipster/indie" electronic, but his production is strong that it never seems to matter where his style lies. If you know anything about him you probably know that he is one of the most praised remixers of our time, and never fails to produce something new and great. He recently remixed The Prodigy's "Everybody In The Place". Every once in a while he shows his real distorted electro side, and it definitely comes out on this remix. He did a very nice job.

3 Responses to “EveryMau5 In The Place”

Anonymous said...

Sorry it's a long comment, but this

How can you find Deadmau5 cheesy and then post that santigold? Do you also find Sebastian Leger, or woflgang gartner in a way and other people who might be in the same category as Deadmau5 as cheesy?

Also, the fact that you consider things guilty pleasures is not a good thing. Let's just say that you're 100% right about Deadmau5 and your description hits the mark. What does all that really matter if you like it? I think being a dj really takes away that aspect of the guilty pleasure. You learn to appreciate things which are good and are achieve what they're trying to do.

Lastly, I find it difficult at all to consider Deadmau5 hipster/indie. Deadmau5 might be headlining things like Hard, but he's also headlining huge raves at the house stage. As i'm sure you know, there aren't that many hipster indie kids who go to raves and even fewer who you would find at the house stage. They'd rather see steve aoki, or, hold on, Santigold.

Evan said...

I think you looked way too hard into this post.

His description is spot-on. He lightly treads a line between cheesy trance music and harder-edged electro. He's loved throughout the blog world but headlines goofy ass raves that attract a bunch of candy kids.

I personally don't like most of his stuff as it's too trance-y for me, as are his live shows, but I do like when he shows his edge like he does with tracks like this Prodigy remix. Ace choice of a song to remix, too. He gets props just for that.

Will said...

yeah i think people just tend to hate him for is success. he's actually a far more diverse producer then most i reckon. anyone that can go from something like this remix, Ghosts n Stuff or his Harder Better Faster Stronger remix to tracks like Slip, Faxing Berlin and Some Kind Of Blue gets points for veriety and consistancy.