Wednesday, April 29, 2009


If you saw MSTRKRFT on tour last year you probably heard their epic intro with the intense opera and Ghostface Killah and that baby and the crazy electro song. You might have even tried looking for that intro online, like me, but couldn't find it. Well I gave up my search after a little unsuccessful googling and didn't think anything more of it until today when I was sent an mp3 of that intro! It was sent to help promote Larry Tee's new "Club Badd" album that dropped this week. The album's full of great originals and remixes of his tracks, some new and some old, but all with that dirty Larry Tee style. 

Purchase Club Badd here.


2 Responses to “Intro”

Anonymous said...

ive got the one minus the ghostface accapella

steve aoki used it to open his essential mix.

its Carmina Burana vs Larry Tee - I Love You(Bart B More Remix)

awesome opening track, guaranteed party starter!