Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We Bite

When I go through the FS e-mail I often download things that I mean to listen to, but then quickly forget about once they hit my iTunes library. In an attempt to stop this from happening I just play my Recently Added section from the top, and listen for something good. Yesterday a track came on that I thought may have been a Tiga track from the new album or something, but I really didn't recognize it. The song that caught my attention was the new single from Spencer Product, "We Bite". The original is a guitar and drum driven track with silly but fun lyrics that is perfect for the club. Taking the track even further in to the realm of Tiga-ness is the Designer Drugs remix, which adds their usual synths and beats to the track, and give it even more danceability. Last but not least is the Tronik Youth remix that has a whole different feel with it's robo-vocals, and slower 80's bass and synths. Great alternate for when you want to slow things down a little. It's rare that you see an EP where all 3 or however many tracks are really ace, but here's one for you guys.

Buy the EP in full quality here.

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