Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Make Her Say Afrojack

Fool's Gold Blog:

A few weeks ago, Fool’s Gold was asked to commission remixes for Kid Cudi’s latest single “Make Her Say.” Well, broskis - the results were pretty damn banging!

Details on the full batch of mixes (and where / when we’ll be leaking them) to follow, meanwhile dig into this awesome, instantly playable remix by Afrojack, who’s Dutch house bangers (and some major co-productions) are currently lighting up DJ sets worldwide.
The one thing that can ruin a remix of a rap song for me quicker than anything else is if the remixer doesn't use the vocals well. Although Afrojack doesn't do the best job on that front there is something I really enjoy about his latest remix of Kid Cudi's chart-topper "Make Her Say". Perhaps its the incredibly strong production on the track or the fact that its so all over the place it feels like 4 different songs put in to one. I'm not sure, but it's made me a fan of the track despite the fact that I feel like I almost shouldn't be. The first minute feels like it could easily be another Crookers remix of Cudi, but by the end you will certainly know who Afrojack is, and that he's not playing around.


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