Friday, September 18, 2009

Death Suite (DJ Mehdi Edit)

I am basically just embarrassing myself with how little I've been posting lately, but school is ust killing me. Hopefully you can understand... 

Anyway, DJ Mehdi's edit of Erol/BN's "Death Suite was just posted over at the Boys Noize Rec. official blog. I expect greatness from him, and he comes through. Great job on this one Mehdi. And if somehow any of you readers haven't heard the other track from this EP, "Waves", please go check it out. One of the best tracks of the year, easy. 

This one is probably a few days past it's postable expiration date, but I like it so why not? I was glad to learn Fool's Gold would be on remix duty for Cudi's newest hit, but following came a few disappointing mixes along with one or two good ones. Here is the best one in my opinion. It's also the first time Sammy Bananas has really impressed me. Disco/pop/bass/80's synth works very well for this track.

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