Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Need A Vacation (Preferably European)

Alright maybe summer did just end, but I'd still be fine with some more vacation time. On to the real point of this post... Linus Loves just released his next single through Beatport today. After the success of "Prom Night" it's no shock that people are getting excited about this new track. Perfectly titled "European Vacation", it will make you want to do nothing but relax and listen to Linus Loves' beautiful synth-house all day. 

Linus' friend Burns also just gave us permission to let this little gem out of its purchase-only box. His Majesty Andre takes this one to a whole new level. The original is a fun house track with a good sample, and a nice beat to it, but when His Majesty Andre get his hands on it it was turned in to something else completely. This one is worthy of being in an old Daft Punk Essential Mix or something of the sort. This track is going to be on rotation for a while.

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