Thursday, September 3, 2009


This happens all the time. I get a new track from an artist I really like, and I get lazy. I figure I'll like the track, but not enough to post it so I set it aside and say I'll listen later. Half the time I forget to even listen, and half the time I'm right and don't care enough to post it. Sometimes however, I feel incredibly stupid because it turns out the track is amazing, and should've been posted the second I got it. So, sorry about that Burns, and hopefully I don't look too lame posting "Teknique" a few days later than everyone else. This track is bound to be a classic with Burns usual choppy, funky style as well as beautiful bass, and sharp piano to really make this track stand out. The full EP is now available on Beatport. What are you waiting for?

Burns - Teknique (ALT) [Most Fancied]

Both of these tracks are just a little too good to go by just as normal bonuses so I just wanted to make a point of letting you know that these are really worth checking out. Both are great.

One response to “Teknique”

Ubbs said...

the Yo Majesty remix of burns is very o la la