Friday, June 26, 2009

Major Remixing

The boys have done it again. Major Lazer's Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do is making all kinds of noise throughout the music industry; getting the attention of not just blogs and scenesters, but serious recognition from important industry staples such as Rolling Stone magazine. One of the most exciting and excellent things that comes with a project like this is the remixes. New remixes are appearing everyday making them impossible to ignore. From artists who were lucky enough to find the song stems, and make their way on to a few blogs, all the way to some of the biggest remixers in the game. This is massive. I've found two remixes that I think are pretty special, and there are infinite more mixes that you can find all over the web.

The first one I wanted to show you guys comes from Sticky K. After releasing a very well received EP on Switch's exclusive Dubsided label, Sticky K started getting some real attention. His latest venture is this remix of "Jump Up". The track is pretty out there, and I questioned it a little upon first listen, but the more I listen the more I like. A huge electro feel gives it a club vibe while the vocals and beat keeps the Jamaican feel that Major Lazer is meant to supply. Don't be surprised if you find yourself bobbing along.

Next is one from Boys Noize Rec. super kid Djedjotronic. Anything this man touches turns to fun bouncy electronic gold. With a serious departure from the original surf party feel of the track Djedjotronic turns this one in to a bouncier tune that is right on the edge of annoyingly repetitive with the Santigold loop. Despite that last bit this remix is definitely a must have.


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