Friday, June 19, 2009

Renaissance Man Interview!

Here is our latest interview with Scandinavian Renaissance Man. We blogged about them previously and we love them so much that we interviewed them! Enjoy.

How did you two meet?

By introducing ourselves followed by a handshake. This happened some years ago in an architectural office we used to work for.

How old were you guys when you first started making music?


Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

People who are not afraid to escape the labels the world around them is trying to apply to them or are innovating at the fringes of their genre. People from Dave Taylor via Trevor Jackson to Loco Dice. Hip hop's sampling mentality has definitely had a great impact on our production methods.

How would you describe your music?

Not-boring house

How did come up with the name Renaissance Man, are you guys Renaissance Men?

It was a jokingly insulting label for a lot of people around us so we were happy to adapt it for ourselves. Yes we consider ourselves polymaths most definitely

Were you guys brought up in a musical environment or was it something that was later adapted?

We've been singing and dancing all our lives.

Do you approach a remix differently than an original, if so how?

Not really. We always try to work towards a preconceived idea of the final result. Which doesn't mean that many happy accidents wouldn't happen along the way and the final result being something totally different.

What do you use to make your music and play live?

Loose moral for sampling, Logic and Ableton Live for producing, CDJ's for dj:ing.

When DJing do you guys look at the crowds reaction to the tracks you’re playing to know what to play next or do you play off your mood?

It's always a combination of both.

Is there any track that you guys can play anywhere and you know will always make the crowd go crazy?

Spraycan seems to be doing the trick.

Who is the coolest or most exciting person you've gotten to meet or play with so far?

Luckily the world of music is filled with exciting personas. It would be unfair to name only one although we met some quite eccentric French guys on our pickup from the airport in Berlin last week.

You guys just put out 2 EP's, one on Switch's Dubsided and the other on the Institubes’ sub label Sound Pellegrino. How does it feel have releases on too of the most innovative labels in electronic music right now?

We feel very lucky and it has brought us a lot of attention. It's nice to work with nice people.

What is happening for the rest of 2009 for Renaissance Man?

Lot of gigs including an Australian tour in December, new original releases towards the end of the year, remixing and a lot of stuff we still don't know about.

What is one thing you guys really want people to know about you?

Renaissance Man consists of two people

Can you name a few artists that you think everyone should keep an eye on?

We would rather keep them as secrets in our record bags for the time being. Sorry guys!

What are some of your favorite tracks at the moment?

Our June top 10:

Renaissance Man: What Is Guru - Sound Pellegrino
Rene Bourgeois: 4 My Records - Supdub
Luetzenkirchen: Lonely Phone Wants To Speak - Great Stuff
Gucci Vump: Casa Blanco - CDR
A1 Bassline: Girl Thing (Christian Martin Remix) - CDR
Little Fritter: Ginger Bread Man - Merkesdir
Jaxson & David Keno: Tout Le Temps - Kindisch
Renaissance Man: Bugs - CDR
Heinrichs and Hirtenfeller: Hubble - Highgrade Records
LVIS 1990: United Groove - Mad Decent

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ian summitt said...

... really? there are ads in the comments of blogs too? i guess nowhere is safe these days. anyway, renaissance man's thudding ass beats are the shit. nice interview.