Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Black Noise Means Business

Black Noise, Hailing from the United Kingdom just dropped their second EP titled "EP2" as well as a remix of the Crookers track featuring Wiley titled Business Man. Black Noise certainly upped the track and added in one hell of a wobbling bassline. If you dig this remix I would definitely recommend you go check out their original tracks, as they all pretty much sound exactly like this. They are all pretty much back to back basslines with massive buildups and drops. The new EP dropped a little less than a week ago on Southern Fried Records and you can buy it on Beatport here. Because I haven't made a post in so long (due to the massive amounts of schoolwork I've had) I'll throw in Crookers remix as well as my favorite track off their new EP. Enjoy and I apologize for posting so rarely lately. I'll do my best to do it as much as possible from now on.

2 Responses to “Black Noise Means Business”

Dave said...

good god. both of these tracks are ridiculous but business man made me make that "wtf" face. i love this fucking blog. been checking it damn near religiously since like june. keep up the good work!

Music1 said...

Find Crookers @ iTunes here: