Friday, October 23, 2009

Sticky K Seems To Be Sticking Around

I just got the latest batch of remixes from Sticky K, and I see no reason to make you guys wait for these bangin' mixes so here we go. The first is a mix for an EP out on Scatterblog's still-fairly-new label. The EP is Scattermish and Mat Cant with their song "Hornbo". It's really dope EP with some great remixes, my favorite of which comes from Sticky K. If you are one of the people who liked the concept of Renaissance Man's "Spraycan", but thought it was just maybe a little bit to techy, this is for you. Same great air horn madness in an even crazier form. This one's just crazy. 

Next is one of the 20-something (kidding) remixes that came with the "Put Your Hands On Me" single recently released by Crookers. I'm not a big fan of the original song, but Sticky K has definitely managed to turn it in to something that is more than pleasant to listen to. Another good one here.

Bonus: and a new one from the master…

4 Responses to “Sticky K Seems To Be Sticking Around”

eldoogle said...


Gonna be huge.

Scattermish said...

sticky k is totally awesome.
you can grab the rest of the mat cant & scattermish release for free here:

Music1 said...

Find Crookers @ iTunes here:

Anonymous said...