Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Night Of The Hornheadz

A smile comes to my face every time I see that there is a new Act Yo Age or Sweat It Out release on it's way. I know it means some seriously fun beats, and catchy electro is to come. This latest release is really blowing all their past EP's out of the water too. The original features Drop The Lime, and comes with remixes from Acidkids, Bird Peterson, DCUP, and Sticky K. The original track is great, and for those of you who love Drop The Lime, but are unsure about Act Yo Age, go ahead and grab this one. Luca's presence is definitely felt all over this one. The heart of this release definitely comes from the remixes, however. Bird Peterson's remix is easily one of his strongest yet. Brilliant in it's destroying heaviness as well bouncy playfulness. I can't get enough of this one. DCUP really impressed me on this remix. Turn it up if you really want to feel that beautiful bouncy bass. Last but not least is the Acidkids remix. Another heavy hitter full of bass, and big beats. Every track here is worthy of multiple listens.

I seriously can't stop listening to the Bird Peterson remix.

One response to “Night Of The Hornheadz”

Andrew said...

That DCUP Remix is huuuge
looking forward to dropping it!