Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Diplo & Benzi's Brand New Paper Route

Mad Decent is with no doubt currently one of my favorite labels and this time they've brought us a mix tape from two greatly known DJs, Diplo and Benzi. If your in the mood for some hip hop Mad Decent style give this new album a listen. Mad Decent has decided to be generous enough to let us all decide how much we're willing to pay for this hit, but that doesn't mean you guys shouldn't pay anything. I'll post the link to the album and throw in a treat just because I have nothing better do.

One response to “Diplo & Benzi's Brand New Paper Route”

gregdona said...

Hey dudes and dudettes, might I get a link since Benzi hooked me up with the exclusive? I've got a lot of similar stuff up on P.T. and I'd love to get traffic there so people who are down with this can find other cuts and mixes they might like on our pages.