Monday, November 24, 2008

Some New DJ Barletta Tracks

DJ Barletta just released some new remixes which I'm digging quite a bit only after a few minutes. The first remix is one Barletta did of Blink 182's hit "Shut Up," which sounds like he was going for a different sound than he usually has. The second, a remix of "Boom Boom Boom" by The Outhere Brothers. Last but not least is a remix of a New York Hip Hop group by the name of Das Racist, this is probably my favorite among all of these new remixes. Definitely check out these remixes and if your in Los Angeles this Wednesday for Thanksgiving be sure to check out Hard Turkey Soup featuring Don Rimini, Guns N Bombs, Aaron Lacrate, Marshall Barnes, Destructo and my friend and my duo Good N' Plenty @ The Roxy.


2 Responses to “Some New DJ Barletta Tracks”

Keath007 said...

That Booba remix rocks!

Anonymous said...

thx for putting me on to Das Racist, they're dope