Sunday, November 2, 2008

Most Fancied Mixtape: October

We got a ton of new readers this month so if you're new to our Most Fancied Mixtape's here's what's going on. At the end of each month we like to let you guys know what our favorite songs have been over the course of that month. Songs are both new and old and may have already been posted. Each of us try to pick about 5 so ya... here we go! 


His remixes are always fun and this one progresses really well. Starts basic and slow and by the end it's a whole new song.

Went back and listened to this album again. By far my favorite of the all around awesome CD.

They still haven't released too many remixes, but when they do they do it big.

Everything he releases is top notch. Can't wait for more.

Listening to that Foamo remix made me want to re-listen to all those great Mystery Jets remixes, and that's when I remembered how fucking awesome this one is. 

First original definitely stands up to the expectations that were created from their remixes. Can't wait for the next one.


So many great Late of the Pier remixes coming out now. This one stood out.

Awesome sound. Play this one loud. 

Every time I look in to your eyes I see the future.

Great new one from them. Has their classic sound.


Unbelievable new single. 

Already told you about the great remix EP coming for this. Breakbot really does his thing.

Been listening to a lot of Tiga again lately in preparation for the new album!

Hard to find a bad release on Institubes these days. 

Something about his remixes really do it for me.

3 Responses to “Most Fancied Mixtape: October”


Top notch stuff, thanks.
(found via Hype Machine)

Richard said...

you know 'Adventure' by Lifelike isn't original at all, it is in fact a re-working of Living a Boys Adventure Tale by A-ha.

The Goon said...

Designer Drugs - Zombie
This is dance floor dynamite!!