Monday, November 17, 2008

Jean Nipon Interview

Hey guys just finished up our third interview with French wunderkind Dj Jean Nipon. Jean Nipon along with his Institubes colleagues are currently destroying dance floors world wide weather they are dropping an exclusive Laidback Luke track, an old Trax Classic. a "Throw Some D's'" Baltmore Club Edit, or a climactical kompakt tune. I highly recommend seeing Jean Nipon Dj because rather than someone dropping the latest tracks Nipon will you give a full dance music history lesson. Be sure to also check out Nipon's new club, "Le Regine." Thanks again to Jean and enjoy the interview.

Hey, thanks again for the interview, how old were you when you started making music and what were the reasons?

i loved the pink floyd
so i decided to become a drummer
What kind of music did you grow up listening to?

some commercial pop, then rock, then prince,then hip hop, then hardcore, then some experimental noise bands

What is it like being a member of Institubes and how did you get involved with them?

i did the second 12" just after the first of para one, with my previous band teamtendo, i know the boys since 2002 institubes is a family at war with the rest of the world, but we have also some love for a few , so its all good at least

When you make a track where do you usually start?

with the vocals, even if at the end ther's no vocals anymore. the voice is the skeleton of the track.

How did you transition over from being a full time Dj to producing as well?

by force, was bored to play other dudes 's music. wanna listen something i really wanna play. but before being a dj i was a musician. so it's always mixed, production or djaying. and every track i play i re-edit it before i spin it.

How would you describe your music?

pain in the ass music, but my goal is to make some real CRYDANCE music, a foggy concept

What do you use to make your tracks, and what do you use to DJ?

cubase, reason, and for djaying it s CDJ pioneer

I notice that you are a very eclectic Dj, do you usually know what to play in your set based on the reaction of your first couple songs or do you play off whichever mood your in?

i'm slave to my mood, i dont care where or when i got to play, i just play what i feel is right at the moment, i will not play super hits just because a girl asked me some. we dont care about which track we put on, the most important is the ambiance of the party; so i never know what i'm going to play.

Do you have any tracks that you love to play and know will really get the crowd going?

well everything with a fat kick or a fat bassline will do the job. people are just animals responding to some stimuli. at one point they're all drunk, so you can play anything loud they'll go " yeaaaaaaaah kiicck it "

The Lost In Music video looks like it pays homage to some great rap videos. Does rap and hip hop influence you musically or was that simply an awesome creative video? What are some of your other influences.

the point was to collide 2 universe. an average white geek loving black metal and playing with a sword vs r'n'b nastyness.the result is something completely stoopid, and i'm down with this, the r'n'b production style always keep me fascinate, its so much the music of the future

What are some of your favorite tracks at the moment?

"violator" by white williams, this guy is a genius
and the new track from joakim ( parisian dude from tigersushi rec) is amazing.
at the moment i'm so much into hardhouse, the old american one.

Are their any up and coming artists that you want to recommend?

the new dudes on institubes, "chateau marmont", "poney poney", "ROB" etc. they're more like pop bands, but pop is the supreme master of the world.

What's next for you?

doing eurogirls go baltimore vol 2 with orgasmic
hyper excited !
and run my club in paris called "le régine"

Are their any tours coming up?

maybe in march in USA

Will you be making an appearance in the next installment of One More Song?

we'll see

Thanks a lot, any last words?

we all gonna die, its fun

Here is the track 4WD from Jean Nipon's new ep, "Wild at Heart." If you like this track be sure to purchase the rest of it:

Jean Nipon - 4WD (ALT)

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