Sunday, November 16, 2008

What's In Our Inbox?

We've gotten tons of e-mails from many different artists lately who wanted to share their music with us. First of all thank you and keep the e-mails coming, and second of all we thought we'd tell all you readers about some of them.

Dishevelled Youth  sent over his funky original "EVO" a little while ago, and it's a pretty cool track. No idea what EVO stands for. Let you guys ponder that one.

RiskoDisko are a name I would watch out for. They sent over some of their tracks, and they're just the type of thing everyone's looking for these days. Nice electro sound.

If you've been running out of that nice Bloc Party like indy/electro/rock lately I think I just might have the thing for you. Beautiful Balloon know how to make good fun indy-rock. Go check out their myspace, and pick up their entire "Lead By Example" EP for free.

It seems their is no one better to remix in the year 2008 than Cut Copy. The list of great remixes of their tracks is ridiculous. Now we can go ahead and add Hundreds and Thousands "Far Away" remix to that list.

After many exchanged e-mails I was finally able to give Gejius' music a listen. Really good stuff. It's got a very interesting sound that seems to pull me in. Even more interesting is hearing that sound backing vocals from Mariah Carey.

And even more Australian talent here for you with Smacktown. Another artist with a very interesting sound. Nice blend of electro and rap. Wanted to post their stuff cause it's got a very cool vibe to it, and I gotta give 'em props for remixing one of my all time favorite tracks.

One response to “What's In Our Inbox?”

The Lemur said...

Hey! U forgot to put Sweden as an alternative in the poll! We give you Lykke Li, Kleerup, The Tough Alliance, Dmitry Fyodorov, Familjen, Lo-Fi-Fnk, Love Is All, Jens Lekman etc. etc. and what do we get? I'll tell u what we get. "Other"!