Thursday, November 20, 2008


Van Scott just sent over the new single he did with New York master DJ Alexander Technique. It's got a nice fresh remix from Chewy Chocolate Cookies as well. The songs got a lot of cool beat-work and pretty nice vocals. Over all it's a nice fun song, but the real gem here is the Chewy Chocolate Cookies remix. They are really becoming remix pro's and are definitely making their way up on the list of my favorite remixers. This one gets pretty crazy.


10 Responses to “Nightlover”

The Lemur said...

They see the ages and they say "woah". WOAH! OMfreakingG. I thought I was the youngest music blogger in the world. You do realize I have to kill y'all 14-teenies now so I can be the kiddo of the blogosphere again.

Haha, nah. Jus kiddin. I wouldn't kill off 14-teenies. That's not morally correct. Moral thing to do would be kill off every blogger that is older than me so I become the oldest blogger. What was the name of Jenny Wilson's debut album again? Ah, "Love & Youth"!


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