Monday, November 17, 2008


Trumpdisco have been stirring up quite a bit of noise with each new track they release. They are yet another Australian group with a great interesting sound. I'm really digging their remixes. They do a great job of chopping the songs up and changing them just enough to make it interesting and fun, but at the same time keeping the original intact. That's something I'm always looking for in a remix. Originals are also very cool. These guys are certainly someone I would keep an eye out for. I'm expecting big things from Trumpdisco! Here's their latest.

Really really feeling this "Suspense Is Killing Me" remix. Probably my favorite thing I've heard from them.

And an original... well sorta. They call it an original, and I probably would too, but there's certainly heavy use of another song in their. Extra points for anyone who knows the song they used (don't worry it's not too tough).


4 Responses to “Trumpdisco”

Daft Punk said...

trumpdisco are the fckn maddest kun's going round. love their massive sound

Thanks for this!

Emm said...

love 80kidz, will listen to anythin they put out. Thanks for the tunes :)

major iTunes said...

Boy 8 Bit @ iTunes: