Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another Dimension

Mind Dimension remix that is. This time British up-and-comers Youth Attack! took a stab at this highly anticipated release. Youth Attack! have been getting some major attention for their great remixes that have been popping up throughout the last few months. Having played shows with big names such as Erol Alkan and Mr. Flash these guys are already starting to make their mark in the electronic music world. You can check out an interview with them from one of our favorite blogs here to find out some more really cool stuff about them. Their "Mind Dimension" remix takes almost 5 minutes to really turn in to something funky, but it certainly keeps entertaining the whole way through. 


Our friends over at Fabric just e-mailed us the info for their show on December fifth which is being put on by Chibiku and has an incredible lineup. Those of our readers in London, you better be making it out on December 5th to see this show. I can only imagine the amazing sets that are going to be thrown down. Also Lewis Boardman and Dom Chung of Chibuku who are going to be killing it in room three have sent us their exclusive fabric live mix which has been on heavy rotation in my music library. Enjoy.

Lewis & Dom - FABRICLIVE Mix (ALT)

Track List:

Audio Soul Project - Community 07 (Peace Division remix)
Dj Koze - I want to sleep
Loco Dice - Pimp Jackson is talkin now
Nick Curly - Happy 5
Sis - Standing
Dimitri Andreas – Run and Hide (Guido Schneider remix)
Kenlou – What a Sensation
Mountain People – Mountain 002
The Mole – Knock twice
Argy – cantstandlovegetaway
Anja Schneider – Belize

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Exclusive Remix From True Pseudo

By now you've probably noticed that everyone and their mother has participated in Digitalisms "Taken Away" remix contest. We've already posted several really sick remixes from the contest on FS, but True Pseudo just gave us permission to post theirs and it is fire. Hot, noisy, raw, fun, fire. One problem I had been seeing with many "Taken Away" remixes is that many people tried making it in to some insane club banger, which it is not. True Pseudo did the smart thing, which was to give it an edge but not go crazy. It's really hard and very rarely works to take a song and really change its dynamic fully. True Pseudo knew better. Turned out great.


Mind DeMansion

This is certainly an interesting remix. It seems to me they tried to do a similar thing to what they did with their "Bounce" remix, but it doesn't work quite as well on this one. Still feeling the original a bit more, but this puts a cool spin on it. Also supposed to a really sick Bloody Beetroots remix of "Mind Dimension" surfacing soon so everyone keep your eyes open.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turn The Radio On, It's LexiconDon!

It seems as though it's pretty easy for anyone to make decent electro/pop music these days, but you can certainly here a difference between the real thing and the imitators. LexiconDon is one person making some real legit music. He's got the whole package. With his good voice, catchy synths, and fun lyrics it's hard not to enjoy his music. Another great member of the Binary crew, who you all know we at FS love. Check it out.


Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Here's a track to chow down on some turkey to. Enjoy

Dj Mehdi - Pocket Piano (Brodinski Remix) (ALT)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Designer Dancefloor

Ever since the Zombies single I really can't get enough of Designer Drugs. They've always been amazing remixers in my mind, but I was so happy to find out they could make awesome originals. Now their back with another great remix. This was originally posted on the RCRD LBL site, which always has great stuff. The remix is really sick so please do check it out.


Monday, November 24, 2008

On & On & On & On &

Been meaning to show you guys some of Lalory's work since it first showed up in our inbox something like two weeks ago. He is a Japanese artist with tons of talent. Lalory is another one of those remixers who doesn't focus on making super dirty electro or super synthy/poppy electro, but more on what a song needs and will compliment it best. His original is also pretty chill. This guy really seems to know how to make a fun track.

Some New DJ Barletta Tracks

DJ Barletta just released some new remixes which I'm digging quite a bit only after a few minutes. The first remix is one Barletta did of Blink 182's hit "Shut Up," which sounds like he was going for a different sound than he usually has. The second, a remix of "Boom Boom Boom" by The Outhere Brothers. Last but not least is a remix of a New York Hip Hop group by the name of Das Racist, this is probably my favorite among all of these new remixes. Definitely check out these remixes and if your in Los Angeles this Wednesday for Thanksgiving be sure to check out Hard Turkey Soup featuring Don Rimini, Guns N Bombs, Aaron Lacrate, Marshall Barnes, Destructo and my friend and my duo Good N' Plenty @ The Roxy.


Guerilla Fart #7

I think I'm starting to understand why the "Guerilla" is there in Dada Life's Guerilla Farts. I'm going to have to guess it's just because of how utterly beastly every single one of them is. Still not sure where the fart comes in, but hey! who am I to judge. Anyway this is perhaps most beastly of all the Guerilla Farts we have seen so far. Eric Prydz's "Pjanoo" will certainly be on many electro fans "Top Songs of 2008" lists, but now they may just have to throw this version up right beside it. They make this song a whole new monster. 


Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Mustard Pimp

Won't talk too much because after several posts you should know I really like Mustard Pimp's music. Basically what we got is a new EP coming from them and here's some of what will be on it. Pretty sick stuff.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Galactic Boys!

Galactic Boys of the Galaxy of Germany hit is up with some tracks the other day, and I thought I'd share them with you guys. Pretty cool electro/synth-pop stuff. I also wanted to share with you a fun little quote from their myspace to help describe them more. 
"In 2086 two peaceful aliens journied to Earth, seeking our help. In return, they gave us the plans for our first hyperdrive, allowing mankind to open the doors to the stars.... We have assembled a team of four unique individuals to protect Earth and our allies, courageous pioneers committed to the highest ideals of justice and dedicated to preserving law and order across the new frontier. These are the adventures of the Galactic Boys!"


Van Scott just sent over the new single he did with New York master DJ Alexander Technique. It's got a nice fresh remix from Chewy Chocolate Cookies as well. The songs got a lot of cool beat-work and pretty nice vocals. Over all it's a nice fun song, but the real gem here is the Chewy Chocolate Cookies remix. They are really becoming remix pro's and are definitely making their way up on the list of my favorite remixers. This one gets pretty crazy.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gay Dentists (JFK Edit)

JFK (you know, the guy in that little Toronto electronic duo) finally gave the public one of his very very exclusive edits. If you look at an accurate track-list from any JFK/MSTRKRFT set you will notice that almost half the songs have the little (JFK Edit) mark next to them. Unfortunately even though he makes all these cool edits for his sets he has never let the public have any before. Finally, a few days ago he put one up on the MSTRKRFT message boards. Very cool to get to hear one of these separate from his sets.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Image Hosted by
The extraordinary Binary crew recently sent over some of their latest work. This e-mail focused on members Fabian and NightWaves. Both make excellent music with very nice synth work. I'm especially diggin' Fabians latest original. Great track that keeps fans of dirty electro happy while keeping fans of poppy-synthy electro happy too. The entire Binary crew is great, and their stirring up big things.


Diplo & Benzi's Brand New Paper Route

Mad Decent is with no doubt currently one of my favorite labels and this time they've brought us a mix tape from two greatly known DJs, Diplo and Benzi. If your in the mood for some hip hop Mad Decent style give this new album a listen. Mad Decent has decided to be generous enough to let us all decide how much we're willing to pay for this hit, but that doesn't mean you guys shouldn't pay anything. I'll post the link to the album and throw in a treat just because I have nothing better do.

Takes Two

Mr. Oizo's new album hit iTunes today, and it's an all around very nice album. I got a chance to listen through already, and wanted to share my favorite track with you guys. Very cool track to me. Not the most original track, and I'm not sure if it will stay my favorite, but upon last listen it certainly was. Anyway I'm sure you have like half the tracks on the album by now with all the leaks, but I really encourage you to get the rest. 


Monday, November 17, 2008

Class of '89

Put one of the best remixers out there with one of the most anticipated releases of the year, and you get... well this I guess. Tommie Sunshine gives "Mind Dimension" a little sunshine to go with its pounding bassline. It's a very Erol Alkan-esque remix in the way that it is a whopping 9 minutes with subtle changes to the song along the way. Check it out, and keep an eye out for the "Mind Dimension" release that should be out any day now.


Jean Nipon Interview

Hey guys just finished up our third interview with French wunderkind Dj Jean Nipon. Jean Nipon along with his Institubes colleagues are currently destroying dance floors world wide weather they are dropping an exclusive Laidback Luke track, an old Trax Classic. a "Throw Some D's'" Baltmore Club Edit, or a climactical kompakt tune. I highly recommend seeing Jean Nipon Dj because rather than someone dropping the latest tracks Nipon will you give a full dance music history lesson. Be sure to also check out Nipon's new club, "Le Regine." Thanks again to Jean and enjoy the interview.

Hey, thanks again for the interview, how old were you when you started making music and what were the reasons?

i loved the pink floyd
so i decided to become a drummer
What kind of music did you grow up listening to?

some commercial pop, then rock, then prince,then hip hop, then hardcore, then some experimental noise bands

What is it like being a member of Institubes and how did you get involved with them?

i did the second 12" just after the first of para one, with my previous band teamtendo, i know the boys since 2002 institubes is a family at war with the rest of the world, but we have also some love for a few , so its all good at least

When you make a track where do you usually start?

with the vocals, even if at the end ther's no vocals anymore. the voice is the skeleton of the track.

How did you transition over from being a full time Dj to producing as well?

by force, was bored to play other dudes 's music. wanna listen something i really wanna play. but before being a dj i was a musician. so it's always mixed, production or djaying. and every track i play i re-edit it before i spin it.

How would you describe your music?

pain in the ass music, but my goal is to make some real CRYDANCE music, a foggy concept

What do you use to make your tracks, and what do you use to DJ?

cubase, reason, and for djaying it s CDJ pioneer

I notice that you are a very eclectic Dj, do you usually know what to play in your set based on the reaction of your first couple songs or do you play off whichever mood your in?

i'm slave to my mood, i dont care where or when i got to play, i just play what i feel is right at the moment, i will not play super hits just because a girl asked me some. we dont care about which track we put on, the most important is the ambiance of the party; so i never know what i'm going to play.

Do you have any tracks that you love to play and know will really get the crowd going?

well everything with a fat kick or a fat bassline will do the job. people are just animals responding to some stimuli. at one point they're all drunk, so you can play anything loud they'll go " yeaaaaaaaah kiicck it "

The Lost In Music video looks like it pays homage to some great rap videos. Does rap and hip hop influence you musically or was that simply an awesome creative video? What are some of your other influences.

the point was to collide 2 universe. an average white geek loving black metal and playing with a sword vs r'n'b nastyness.the result is something completely stoopid, and i'm down with this, the r'n'b production style always keep me fascinate, its so much the music of the future

What are some of your favorite tracks at the moment?

"violator" by white williams, this guy is a genius
and the new track from joakim ( parisian dude from tigersushi rec) is amazing.
at the moment i'm so much into hardhouse, the old american one.

Are their any up and coming artists that you want to recommend?

the new dudes on institubes, "chateau marmont", "poney poney", "ROB" etc. they're more like pop bands, but pop is the supreme master of the world.

What's next for you?

doing eurogirls go baltimore vol 2 with orgasmic
hyper excited !
and run my club in paris called "le régine"

Are their any tours coming up?

maybe in march in USA

Will you be making an appearance in the next installment of One More Song?

we'll see

Thanks a lot, any last words?

we all gonna die, its fun

Here is the track 4WD from Jean Nipon's new ep, "Wild at Heart." If you like this track be sure to purchase the rest of it:

Jean Nipon - 4WD (ALT)


Trumpdisco have been stirring up quite a bit of noise with each new track they release. They are yet another Australian group with a great interesting sound. I'm really digging their remixes. They do a great job of chopping the songs up and changing them just enough to make it interesting and fun, but at the same time keeping the original intact. That's something I'm always looking for in a remix. Originals are also very cool. These guys are certainly someone I would keep an eye out for. I'm expecting big things from Trumpdisco! Here's their latest.

Really really feeling this "Suspense Is Killing Me" remix. Probably my favorite thing I've heard from them.

And an original... well sorta. They call it an original, and I probably would too, but there's certainly heavy use of another song in their. Extra points for anyone who knows the song they used (don't worry it's not too tough).


Ocelot Is Not Human

Image Hosted by
He simply cant be human. Well fine, if Ocelot is a human he's a damn talented one. Everything he does is simply amazing. His latest remix is no different. No doubt it is slightly commercial sounding, but when doing an official remix for a hugely successful, fairly commercial band I think it must be hard not to cave in a little and give the label what it wants. That is however beside the point. The remix is great. The robo-vocals work great and I get the feeling this one is going to be on repeat here for a while.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another Way To Love Boys Noize

I recently discovered a few songs by 909d1sco AKA Alex Ridha AKA Boys Noize that I had never heard before. Up until now I had only heard the "La Musique" remix he did as 909d1sco, but these originals are much better than that remix and compare quite well with some of the stuff off Oi Oi Oi. It's certainly a different sound for him, and it's easy to hear the difference from the stuff as he's done as Boys Noize. As far as I know he only released one EP as 909d1sco. So ya! For all of you who love Boys Noize (AKA everyone ever) check it out.


What's In Our Inbox?

We've gotten tons of e-mails from many different artists lately who wanted to share their music with us. First of all thank you and keep the e-mails coming, and second of all we thought we'd tell all you readers about some of them.

Dishevelled Youth  sent over his funky original "EVO" a little while ago, and it's a pretty cool track. No idea what EVO stands for. Let you guys ponder that one.

RiskoDisko are a name I would watch out for. They sent over some of their tracks, and they're just the type of thing everyone's looking for these days. Nice electro sound.

If you've been running out of that nice Bloc Party like indy/electro/rock lately I think I just might have the thing for you. Beautiful Balloon know how to make good fun indy-rock. Go check out their myspace, and pick up their entire "Lead By Example" EP for free.

It seems their is no one better to remix in the year 2008 than Cut Copy. The list of great remixes of their tracks is ridiculous. Now we can go ahead and add Hundreds and Thousands "Far Away" remix to that list.

After many exchanged e-mails I was finally able to give Gejius' music a listen. Really good stuff. It's got a very interesting sound that seems to pull me in. Even more interesting is hearing that sound backing vocals from Mariah Carey.

And even more Australian talent here for you with Smacktown. Another artist with a very interesting sound. Nice blend of electro and rap. Wanted to post their stuff cause it's got a very cool vibe to it, and I gotta give 'em props for remixing one of my all time favorite tracks.


Hey guys, just thought I would post some nice songs for this fine sunday morning. Enjoy.

Dj Mehdi - Tunisia Bambaata (ALT)

Lord Skywave - Something (Andy George's Re-Fix) (ALT)

Cut Copy - Far Away (Hercules & Love Affair Remix) (ALT)

Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso - Partouze (ALT)

The Hours - See The Light (Calvin Harris Remix) (ALT)

Friday, November 14, 2008

I Love Techno, Don't You?

We know your out their so I decided to give a shout out to our readers in Belgium. I don't think we could possibly be more jealous right now of you guys than we ever could be at anyone ever. You guys have the opportunity to go to the legendary "I Love Techno Festival" which would be an honor for any of us at fancy sounds to attend. Last year the festival had some big names like Underworld, Felix Da Housecat, Dr. Lektroluv, Erol Alkan, Mstrkrft and many more amazing acts. This years festival features the Ed Banger Crew which will be comprised of Justice, SebastiAn, Dj Mehdi, Uffie, Feadz and Busy P. Their will be your favorite German artists such as Boys Noize, Booka Shade, and Digitalism. The festival also features some minimal dudes like Audion and Marco Carola and some of your favorite up and coming artists such as The Bloody Beetroots, Surkin, and Brodinski. The festival also is having our L.A. homies LA Riots and along with Birdy Nam Nam and Crookers. I cannot stress enough the jealousy I have for anyone who is going to this. I will leave you guys with some of the artists who are playing ILT and hope you enjoy them and for those who are going I hope you have a great time. Enjoy!

Mixhell - Highly Explicit (Brodinski Bamboo Rave Mix) (Removed By Request)

Don't Be On With Her

We dont usually do two video-posts in a row, but I could not ignore this. Miami Horrors latest EP is dropping soon, and I absolutely can't wait. Don't Be On With Her is the only song you can find at the moment, and now we've got a video for it. One of the best videos I have seen in years. Can't wait for that EP.

Across The Universe Clip

We at fancy sounds are very excited for this. I can see myself in this clip.

New Fake Blood

I think everyone's just about ready for a new Fake Blood remix. Even though he's kind of gotten that Justice/Ed Banger effect lately I still can't help but love his stuff. You know what I mean where someone becomes too big, and you don't feel cool for knowing about them anymore so you start to act like they're not actually that good. Anyway this remix is really interesting. He took an excellent Hot Chip track from their latest album that was a lesser-known song, and basically did what he does. It was certainly interesting to hear his sound applied to a slower song. 


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Riddles and Riddles of Steel

You guys might think that Para One has slowly fallen off the blog radar, but we at Fancy Sounds always keep a close eye on whatever he's up to. He recently changed up Guns N' Bombs new track "Riddles of Steel" which is a really good listening track. We recently got news of a new Para One project which is a collaboration with San Serac which is called Slice & Soda. Enjoy.

Guns N' Bomb's - Riddle Of Steel (Para One Remix) (Removed By Request)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Haus Of Cards

When people think of Weird Science they usually think of the iconic John Hughes movie, but if you live in L.A. Weird Science may have a completely different meaning. Weird Science is a dj duo comprised of Steve Aoki and Blake Miller. The two have been djing for quite a while and decided to take a stab at production. Their Haus of Cards EP contains a delightful remix by none other than Laidback Luke. Almost sounds like a tune you would hear in ibiza circa 01.

Weird Science - Haus Of Cards (Laidback Luke Remix) (ALT) [Most Fancied]

Weird Science - Haus Of Cards (ALT)


Formerly 1/2 of super-duo Riot in Belgium, Beni is now solo, and building up a storm of hype with his new single, and remixes. The EP for his single "My Love Sees You" will be released on the ever-wonderful Kitsune label with remixes from some great artists. Not 100% sure of all of the remixers, but the ones I have heard about are great. So anyway I have for you guys two of his remixes as well as one of those remixes of his original track. 



Guaranteed way more cheese. Promise us you won't drown in the cheese.

Deadmau5 - The Reward Is More Cheese (Original Mix) (ALT)

And another track of his I can't get enough of...


Australia's wonder-boy is back with yet another awesome remix. You gotta love his style. Every little second is filled with fun synths that make you want to get up and dance. His remix of "When We Were Young" isn't anything extremely different from his other remixes, but it certainly does its job. I've also heard that his original track "Pool Party" is going to have an official EP release in the near future with some very cool remixers. So keep an eye out for that.


Monday, November 10, 2008

DJ Barletta Interview

You guys are in for a treat. Here is my interview with the up and coming electro maverick Dj Barletta. Dj Barletta has been wiping out tunes and remixes by the dozen. He has been gaining great attention from artists such as MSTRKRFT, Crookers, Don Rimini, and many more. He recently partnered up with fellow Toronto native Van Helder for the group Mansion. Mansion has also been blowing up and been gaining notoriety in Toronto and in the blog world. Dj Barletta will be conquering the world of electronic music in due time.

Hey my name is Jake and I just want to thank you for doing this interview with Fancy Sounds, how old were you when you started making music and what was the reason?

I first started making music in middle school. I was in a few rock bands, playing the guitar, drums, stuff like that. As far as electronic music is concerned i started in production about a year and a half ago. The shift from live to digital music was the result of me moving from living with my parents in an open house, to living in a condo, which prevented me from rocking out on the guitar/drums.

How did you come up with the name Dj Barletta?

It was actually a joke at first, taken from my favourite skater in High School "Louie Barletta". The myspace was purely an outlet for terrible mash ups i would do when i first started out, and i guess it just stuck!?

When you make a remix where do you usually start?

I look for a certain sound, hook, or vocal i can exploit or cut up. The song necesarrily doesnt have to be a dancefloor banger to be remixed properly, it just needs to have a catchy element that can be used to create something dope!

What do you use to make your music?

I use ableton live!

From a DJ standpoint do you intuitively know what songs to play to certain crowds based on the first song you play or does it take you time to really know what that crowd wants to hear?

I always try and start my sets off with super high energy songs, and do initially have a set planned out for my timeslot, but ususally after half an hour i abandon it and just play off the crowds reactions. i think thats the best way.

What is the electronic music scene like in Toronto, I know MSTRKRFT is from their, any Toronto based artists to look out for?

Yes! The scene in toronto is thriving with tons of talent. Thunderheist , Auto Erotique (formerly VND/LSM), Syntonics, Sta, Tmdp , Golden Girls, The 84.85 to name a few.

How did your group Mansion with Van Helder come about?

I met Violca at a party in the middle of the summer, and i gave her a demo cd of my remixes. She went on a tour across Canada shortly after and when she came back we made our first track "Stab" together.

Are you going to continue to remix and release singles yourself or are you fully focused on Mansion?

Both. We are always working on Mansion Tracks, and I am going to be releasing an E.P for my new (Barletta) single "Bass Live," which is going to include 6 remixes from all toronto talent.

A lot of people compare you to Crookers, Are they one of your influnces? and who are some of your other influnces?

Definetly. I love a lot of like UK fidget house that has somewhat of UK Garage influence. Guys like Kelevra and Heavyfeet i am super in to.

What are your top five favorite tracks at the moment?

No Order

Rye Rye - Hardcore Girls (Heavyfeet Remix)

Auto Erotique - Gladiator

TMDP - Running

In The Club - Turn U On (Mowgli Remix)

Roland Clark & The Montanas - Music Talking (Fred Falke Rmx)

Are their any tours coming up?

As of right now no, but we are definetly looking to that direction come the new year.

Alright thanks a lot, any last words?


Don Rimini - Rave On (Dj Barletta Edit) (Alt. Link)

Oh Snap! - High Top Fade (DJ Barletta Remix) (Alt. Link)

Beatbouncers - Youth Control (DJ Barletta Remix) (Alt. Link)

Mansion - Stab (Alt. Link)

Mansion - Body (Alt. Link)

MSTRKRFT - Bounce (Mansion Remix) (Alt. Link)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Girl I'm Not A Dick, Just Don't Give A Shit

Mr. Gaspar remixes are always something to look forward to. This time he does his thing on Baby Diamonds "Teenagers." We've posted the original of the track before, and if you downloaded it you may notice this remix is extremely different. He changed the song up a ton, and it turned out great. He made this beast of a remix 7 minutes long compared to its original 3 and a half minute form. Pretty dope.


Cold Blank (Mr. Gaspar and Big Nasty) just released their first original. Here it is.


Get Fresh

Finally got around to listening to the latest from Kid Sister, and I'm really digging it. Got her same old sound. That nice fusion of hip-hop/electro always works really well. Maybe it's just me, but whenever I hear her rap I feel like she's having the best time... I don't know. Anyway production's real tight on this one as usual for her, and that's pretty much it. Check it out.


Sad Song

That's the cover art for Alexis Taylor's (of Hot Chip) new album. We posted a few weeks back telling you about his new solo album, but then the other day I was looking for stuff from him, and found this. Au Revoir Simone had some friends make a cover/remix album of their latest album, and some really great stuff is on it. Alexis Taylor covered/remixed what was already my favorite song of Au Revoir Simone's so it was fairly inevitable that I would like it. It starts off pretty slow, and very slowly builds up. Really beautiful song. 


Weekly Kanye Post

We're not really having a weekly Kanye post, but it's crazy how much he has ended up on this blog lately. This time I thought I'd show you guys his latest video. Took it straight from his blog. I really love that kind of animation. Also at his blog are two new masters of "Love Lockdown" and "Heartless" that he is asking all DJ's to download/play rather than the old versions. 

And why you love us...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

We Have Band. Gentlemen Drivers Have Remix.

We Have Band has stirring up a lot of noise lately, and I was considering doing a post on them, but their stuff just wasn't quite sparking the fire in me to post on them. However I've always been a huge fan of Gentlmen Drivers remixes so when I heard their take on We Have Band's "Oh!" I just couldn't help myself. Really great remix. Repetitive lyrics almost get annoying, but Gentlemen Drivers keep it just interesting enough to make you forget about that. Really enjoying this one.


Thursday, November 6, 2008


Straight Up

Gun's n Bombs - Riddle Of Steel

More Breakbot

Yet another Breakbot remix for you guys. He's putting out remixes like a mad man. We just got a hold of his latest remix, which is of Sebastien Tellier's Roche. The remix is great and definitely compares to the recently released remix Kavinsky did of it. It's really interesting too hear a mix of Breakbot's sound with Sebastien Tellier's.

Sébastien Tellier - Roche (Breakbot Remix) (Removed by Request)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Trash Yourself. Love This.

Image Hosted by
First thing I ever heard from Trash Yourself was there Song 2 cover/remix done with The Toxic Avenger, which was one of my favorite electronic songs for at least a year or so. After that The Toxic Avenger became a huge success in the electronic music world, and if you're reading this blog, chances are you have heard of him. Unfortunately the other end of the stick, Trash Yourself, has been a little harder to follow. They've only released a handful of singles/remixes but they're all great. Just got in their latest original and it fully stands up to what I had hoped for. Cool vocal sampling/usage with a pounding rough electronic beat behind it. Great stuff.


President-Elect Barack Obama

Last Post: November 3

This Post: November 5

In Between: History

Monday, November 3, 2008

New La Mode

Two new originals from these awesome Australians. A little bit of a different sound from them, and I think I'm digging it. Go to their myspace and check out their Aurora remix as well. Can't wait to get my hands on that one.