Sunday, July 12, 2009


In a year that has already shown us so many great albums, Zombie Nation's Zombielicious is easily one of my favorites so far. It was full of great complex tracks that showed the true colors of well made electronic music. One great thing about electronic music right now is that nearly every good album comes with an even better remix album. And so it came true for Zombielicious! Some of the best remixers in the world joined up on this release, and it is nothing short of brilliant. Today you guys get to have my three favorite tracks off the remix album just because I need to share these gems with the world before I go crazy with joy. 

The first remix comes from one of my favorite new artists. They've been on this blog so much this year it's getting kind of silly, but they're just that good! Hey Today come through with an amazing remix that reminds me very much of ZZT's "Lower State of Consciousness. Then there's Shadow Dancer's remix of "Mystery Meat Affair". This one is slightly different than their usual style, but it might be my favorite remix of theirs yet. Last but not least is Arveene & Misk's remix of my favorite track on the album. The original is fun and I love it, but if you wished it had a little more fire and intensity to it, this is your remix. I can't wait to hear this one on a nice sound system.

Go ahead and consider all of these [Most Fancied]. 

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