Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Laidback Luke and Diplo are two of the hardest working artists I can think of so when they come together to make a track you can bet that it's gonna be big. And as if those two names don't get you excited enough there's a full roster of elite remixers who gave their take on the track. It's hard to know what to expect from two artists with such diverse and intricate sounds, but the jungle-rave anthem that came to be is certainly fine with me! I've listened to the entire release, and have now chosen my two favorite remixes, and I'm giving those to you guys so you can have a little taste of the EP. 

Dim Mak's Autoerotique deliver a that remix may be better for someone with a less diverse taste. This remix is a more buckled down electro version of the original that is perfect for exactly the type of party Dim Mak is known for.

The next remix comes from Foamo. If you know Foamo you can probably guess that this remix is all about the bassline. And that is why this remix is my favorite on the release. He adds a fantastic new bassline while keeping the original track alive.


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