Monday, July 13, 2009

So Sincere

Sharkslayer's Don't Go Into The Water EP was a big one for me last year. I enjoyed every track on it, and listened to it quite a few times (especially "Cold As Ice"). I waited patiently for their next serious release, but it didn't come quickly. Luckily I was satisfied with the occasional remix until now, but today I found out that the next EP is on its way! It was meant for release quite a while ago, but never made it out for whatever reason. I guess it's coming out now though so I'm happy. The So Sincere  EP includes 3 original tracks from Sharkslayer as well as a remix from Renaissance Man. All the tracks are really clever bassline focused gems. Here are my favorite two tracks, and keep a look out for the release so you can get the other two.


One response to “So Sincere”

Ayso said...

I get excited every time I see Renaissance Man anywhere and they never seem to let me down!