Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Make It Sticky

Sticky K is back with another great remix, and a special treat. Larry Tee's tracks seem to be constantly reworked, no matter whether he's making new material at the time or not. However, with remixes like this one coming I can't get too angry about that. Sticky K keeps to his club style that would fit perfectly in to any DJ's set, and keeps the production at a really professional level. I know this one's gonna be getting some plays this weekend. 

Oh, and the special treat! Sticky K is doing a guest mix for BBC Radio 1 tomorrow, but we have it to listen to ahead of time. This isn't the live on air version, but rather a pre-made recorded version of what the mix is going to be. I'm not quite sure of the exact tracklist so you might have to wait until tomorrow night when he performs it live on Radio 1 for that. 

Speaking of Larry Tee, his classic track "Licky" has been reworked by his side project (with Alexander Technique) Blogula. This new edit features a verse from Santigold. 

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