Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I would probably say that my most look forwarded too album coming up this year is Alex Ridha AKA Boys Noize's new album "Power." Ridha has been dropping his new tracks in his recent DJ sets and everyone has the same reaction to them. They freak out and loose their shit. The album will be out at the end of September and the launch party will be in London on Sept 26th with some very special guests. Hope you guys are as excited as we are!

01. Gax
02. Kontact Me
03. Starter
04. Jeffer (ALT)
05. Transmischen
06. Nerve
07. Trooper
08. Sweet Light
09. Drummer
10. Rozz Box
11. Nott
12. Heart Attack

5 Responses to “Power”

Anonymous said...

Where the fuck is "Come With Me"???

Anonymous said...

Kontact Me = Come With Me

Anonymous said...

thank tha Lawd, i cant wait much longer, for that track


If you’re into Boys Noize, check them out at The Edge festival in Edinburgh. You can listen to a preview of the artists performing here: