Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Twelves Remixes

It's been a little while since we've posted anything to do with The Twelves, but, I assure you, that does not mean they in any way stopped making the brilliant music that they do. Their remixing skills are cherished as some of the best around, and everyone's looking to get them pinned down on their release. Recently Yuksek had the bright idea of getting them for his So Far Away From The Sea EP. The EP contains the original track, an extended remix, and The Twelves remix. The original track was one of my favorite on the album. The first 45 seconds of the song get me every time. I put the original up on this post along with The Twelves remix because you really need it for comparison to see what they have done. Their remix is less of a remix to me and more of just an alternate version. Had I not known, I would have easily believed that this is the original. Great guitar and drums.

The Twelves also recently remixed Noah And The Whale's "Blue Skies". This remix is easily going to be one of my most played for the rest of the summer. It's got such a good feel to it. Once again they use the guitar to their advantage, this time with a little piano as well. The vocals are soft and darker than they should be for such an uplifting track, but somehow it works. Please check this one out.

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caisa said...

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