Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Trumpdisco

They never seem to disappoint. Trumpdisco have continually brought us hard-hitting ear-splitting electro for the last year or so, and I think they're finally starting to get some recognition! As we watch their rise to stardom here are a few more tracks to keep us satisfied. Their latest original is a wild Proxy-esque electro track. Many artists who make club bangers often shy away from sampling and instead do it all from scratch so it's always interesting to hear an artist use a nice sample even in something harder like this. Speaking of Proxy, this next track is a remix of the enormously-hyped "Who Are You". People went nuts over that clip of The Bloody Beetroots remix, but we might have another contender for best remix of "Who Are You" right here. Enjoy.


One response to “New Trumpdisco”

1234 said...

Proxy is my hero.
You guys made the hype machine for this shit too.
nice job!