Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Redial - Heart

A lot of people got very outraged a few weeks ago when Redial released his remix of Proxy's "Who Are You". Most people took it as some amateur trying to get his name out there by doing an easy edit of some unreleased Proxy. It's too bad that happened, and those people didn't care to look at all the great tracks he made before that, but he definitely has the chance to win those people back . If you're one of those people give this song a shot. He sent this over our way a few days ago, and I'm loving it. I'm definitely a sucker for anything with those warm synths, and that underlying bass. This style is definitely hot right now, and Redial knows what he's doing.

3 Responses to “Redial - Heart”

Anonymous said...

Love me some Redial. Can't wait for his new EP.

Brad said...

Whoever was disappointed in his Proxy "Edit" is clearly stupid. Redial is easily one of the best producers in Australia right now. Ghost EP is fucking incredible!

Anonymous said...

did redial write this post? this song is shit. redial is shit. hahahaha right now, lmao!