Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Herve Update

Herve could easily be the busiest electronic producer there is. Everyday he cranks out something new. It's hard to keep up, but I'm here to give you the latest I've found.

First is the newest song from his project with Sinden in which he takes the name The Count (formerly The Count of Monte Cristal). They should have an album out pretty much any day now, and even though you can find most of the songs just by searching the internet I still can't wait for it. The latest song features Baltimore rapper Rye Rye, and it's really great. Rap over their sound is really awesome. This is certainly one of the best songs they've released so far.

Next is Herve's collaboration with A-Trak and Cadence Weapon. I feel like A-Trak is just tracking down my favorite artists, and working with them after the song he did with Laidback Luke. But hey I love it. Keep it up A-Trak. Cadence Weapon does his thing on this track and Herve and A-Trak don't do a bad job giving him something to rap over. I really like the song, and if you're a fan of any of the people in this great collaboration I'm sure you'll enjoy the song.   

The last thing I got for you isn't brand new or anything, but I think it's the latest remix you can find from The Count and Sinden. I'm sorry to all you who like Sam Sparro, and I don't mind his songs at all, but I just can't take his voice. Something about it I just can't dig. Luckily The Count and Sinden make it more than bearable. The use the vocals well, and give it their usual touch. For all you Sam Sparro fans or those who don't like him whether it's because of his voice or whatever you'll really like this.

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Anonymous said...

I love Roll With Winners ;)