Sunday, August 24, 2008

You Been Hit By, You Been Struck By, Telemitry

If you don't know Telemitry, he's soon to be the mastermind behind your favorite Coldplay, Bloc Party, and now Michael Jackson remix. His remixes, though there are only a handful so far, are consistently brilliant. He does not promise hard-hitting bass-lines or beautiful synths on every remix, but he certainly promises a new well crafted, well produced version of one of your favorite songs. 

This is his latest remix. This time he takes on Michael Jackson, and does him justice. It's not very fast or crazy, but it really does a great job giving the song an electronic touch while keeping the Michael Jackson-ness in it. Telemitry really does a great job on the production of his remixes. As far as I know he's been around only a couple months, but his stuff sounds a professional as anyone. Already can't wait for the next remix.

As I said, by the end of this post he will have your favorite Coldplay remix. That's cause of this little gem right here. There were plenty of Viva La Vida remixes, but I really only liked a few. And even out of the ones I did like this stood out. I feel like this is hardly a remix. It's more just what Coldplay would sound like if they took a little step in the direction of electro-pop. This was the first Telemitry remix I heard, and I knew right away this guy was good. Really good.

I also recently found two more remixes of his. There both pretty awesome, and cool. Really fun to listen too. His remixes always seem to get me tapping my foot or bobbing my head or something no matter what kind of mood I'm in. I can't wait to hear some original songs from Telemitry, which will hopefully come soon, but until then I hope he keeps popping out remixes like these every couple weeks.

If you're lovin the remixes up there check out his Bloc Party remix here.

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