Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Jake-Simon Remixes

If you missed our other post about Jake-Simon (not pictured above) he's one of our good friends and favorite up and coming electronic artists. Very young, but he's already doing some really awesome stuff. Now if you've been reading this blog for long at all you know how much we love Proxy, and Jake-Simon to give some love to Proxy by remixing his Dance in Dark. He tells us he was inspired to remix it after hearing the Hostage remix of it, and being unimpressed. That and his love for the original song of course. But anyway he took the song it did it justice. Great vocal chopping awesome beat, all that good stuff. The other remix we have here is Jake-Simon's remix for whiteface. Another very solid remix, this time of a not so familiar song, but still an awesome track. We really like Jake-Simon's work and you can head over to his myspace to learn and hear more.

One response to “New Jake-Simon Remixes”

nicolas said...

Hey J (or maybe Z), just one question : is the saturation on "
New Cut (Jake-Simon Remix) - whiteface " is wanted or not ? i really like this remixed track but the saturation on it make me sad... :D
thks for reply

a French reader (Nicolas M.)