Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Most Fancied Mixtape: July

So from now on we're gonna post a "Most Fancied" Mixtape for each month at the beggining of the next month. Basically just a round-up of what we've been listening to; new and old. We're also gonna start using a little [Most Fancied] mark in some of our posts next to the songs we really love most. We love all the songs we post, but this marks for the ones that stand out above the rest. So here's our July favorites.

This is the best remix of Lil Wayne's Lollipop I've heard, and it's really great. Takes it to a whole new level and creates an electro-rap anthem. 

This is the latest remix of Harder Better Faster Stronger i've heard and Coin Operated Boy really do an excellent job with it. Goes in a whole new direction. Love it

This is a fairly old remix, but by far the best remix i've heard of the Mystery Jets, or by Switch. It's got several really addictive, really different, awesome electro beats. No one can resist the pull of this electro banger. Drop this in a set, and the crowd will go wild. It's even so good Diplo edited the remix which is also good, but i prefer the original remix

We really love LAZRtag, and we promise this is not the last you will see of these guys on Fancy Sounds. This is there latest original, and they've also got a handful of great remixes. Enjoy this little treasure until we bring you more.

Whatever you think when you hear the words cover or N.W.A. erase that from your head right now. Both of those words are in the title of this next song, but cover doesn't do this justice and this is certainly unlike any N.W.A. song i've heard (although I do love N.W.A., and the original of this song). This song almost needs its own word. Not cover, but perhaps... interpretation. Trash Yourself really do a great job with this song.  haven't found a whole ton of material from these guys, but what i've heard i loved including AC Slater's remix of them and their collaboration with The Toxic Avenger (who we already showed our love for) to remake a blur song. So check this out, and hopefully we'll have more from these guys soon.

Some more of our favorites here, Crookers. But if you've heard Crookers i'm sure you love them too. There wobbly bass and often choppy vocals are irresistible even to the newest electro listeners. This remix of Don Rimini who we should be posting on in the near future just helps Crookers keep their status on top of the electro world. Crookers just released a new E.P. which we'll also show some love for soon.

Yes we know we already posted this, but don't deny it, its fricken awesome! 

Miles Dyson's been receiving a good amount of recognition by some awesome DJ's lately, and now you can add us to the list of his fans. He's got some other equally great stuff, but this is probably our favorite so enjoy.

Trentemoller makes a fun new song yet incorporates the original very well. If you like the original you won't be dissapointed.

So there was the original 80's version then Tiga covered it which was fun, and i guess there was even some rap version involving stunna glasses... i don't know, but now there's this. Our favorite individual yet together duo of Brodinski and Yuksek put their spin on it, and we love it. It's as fun as the original, but helps us take it a little more seriously. We love pretty much everything either of these guys do, and especially the stuff they do together so check it out.

That's all for now folks. Hope you liked it.

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